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Welcome to the Graduate School at Hood College

Located in Frederick, Maryland, the Graduate School at Hood College ranks among the best for a high level of academic quality, cutting-edge resources, convenient scheduling and affordable tuition. In addition to 19 programs leading to master’s degrees and 11 post-baccalaureate certificates and certifications, the school offers doctorates in organizational leadership and business administration. Studies are designed both to deepen intellectual understanding for life and to broaden competencies for career advancement. For enhanced professional skills and marketability, Hood’s graduate school is the clear choice.

Top-tier faculty, small classes

Faculty members bring both scholarly and real-world experience to the classroom, affording students instruction that is grounded in academic knowledge and practical application. Small classes and an emphasis on collaboration stimulate lively exchanges of ideas and information. Professors know students by name and face, not by number. With students from more than 25 nations, the Graduate School benefits from a rich cultural diversity and a dynamic fusion of perspectives on world events.

Internships, workshops, labs and linkages

Hood’s close, long-standing ties to business and industry throughout Maryland enable students to gain practical experience and forge valuable, professional connections. The Graduate School has close ties to an exceptional network of world-class research and development, life science, biomedical, information technology, aerospace, engineering and other top industries, government institutions and military installations.

Advantageously located

Hood boasts easy access to the highest concentration of doctoral scientists, engineers, mathematical and biological scientists, health care providers and technical professionals in the United States. Maryland is an R&D powerhouse, ranking second nationally in annual federal government funding.

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Meet the Dean of the Graduate School

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Joseph Henry Apple Resource
Center, 3rd Floor

Monday - Friday:
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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