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The last eight years has been a time of discovery and re-definition for the theatre program at Hood College.  Since Professor Joe Brady became the Producing Director of HCT in 2008, he has redefined the mission of the theatre program to focus on the creation of original works, the development of new plays and the importance of student driven projects for stage and screen.

During this time, Professor Brady has assisted in the creation of several new student theatre organizations on campus: Hood College Student Musical Theatre, which is aligned with the Music Department; Hood Improv Troupe (HIT!) and The Rude Globe both of which play a significant role in the day to day operations of the Hood Theatre Program:

Hood Improv Troupe or HIT!  

A student run improvisational troupe the performs both short-form and long-form improvisation.   HIT! performs regularly on campus and is often featured in comedy nights in the Avalon Theatre, Tatem 10.

The Rude Globe

Hood’s student theatre organization, named after both Shakespeare’s Rude Mechanicals and his home, the Globe Theatre, is completely student run and produces the spring production every year in collaboration with HCT.

In addition to these student groups, this summer, Professor Brady and Hood College Theatre launched their newest and most ambitious project: Summer INK! and InKubator for the development of new works for the stage and screen.  Summer INK! will feature the writings of a core group of writers meeting monthly to develop their works.  This group has decided on the name “Groucho’s Stache.” 

This summer, in the inaugural Summer INK! we developed three new plays for the stage:  Them Changes written by Giovanni Kavota and Matt Kline (both former Hood students!), Tim Marrone's  Big and Small and Hope Full (Albuquerque) written by Professor Brady.   There is a wonderful article in the Frederick News Post about our work, which you can access here.

We are always looking for new students to be a part of these projects as well as the shows we produce every semester in the Avalon Theatre in the Tatem Arts building.  In addition to these on-campus productions, HCT has a strong relationship with Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) in downtown Frederick where many of our current students work as interns or on staff; and several of our graduates are MET Company Members, Comedy Pigs, designers and the Technical Director!  To learn more about the MET, click here.

Whatever you are interested in exploring, be it the box office or house management; set construction, light hang or painting; lighting, set, sound or costume design; acting, improvisation or sketch comedy; musical theatre;  writing, directing or criticism, the Hood College Theatre Program is waiting for you to come out to play!

If you love theatre, literature, writing and comedy we highly recommend our English Major with a concentration in Theatre or our Theatre Minor.

We can’t wait to help you get involved with our work at HCT!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Professor Brady at

The Hood College Theatre Program is part of the English and Communication Arts department.

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