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Required Medical Forms 

For all students, residential and commuter, the listed required medical forms are to be completed and on file at the Health Center by Aug. 1, for incoming fall semester students, and Jan. 2, for incoming spring semester students. 

The Wellness Center is open Aug. 1 - May 31 while classes are in session. If you have questions during the summer, you may call 301-696-3575 to reach the Student Engagement and Orientation office for assistance.

Important Information About Required Medical Forms and Immunizations:

  • The Report of Medical Exam, Report of Medical History, Immunization Record and Emergency Contact forms must be completed and returned to the Health Center. The four required forms should be returned to the Health Center by Aug. 1 for fall enrollment or Jan. 1 for spring enrollment.
  • Forms may be returned in the following ways:
    • Fax directly to the Health Center at 301-696-3442 with a confidential cover page.
    • Hand them to a nurse during Hood College Advising Days or during Health Center office hours while school is in session.
    • U.S. mail: Hood College Health Center, 401 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, MD 21701 (marked confidential)
  • Registration for classes in subsequent semesters cannot be completed until your health forms are on file at the Health Center.
  • Please keep a copy of all completed forms for your records.

Health Center is now offering incoming students appointments for Physical Exams

In order to offer convenient physical examinations at an affordable price, incoming students may make an appointment to complete the required physical examination at the Hood College Health Center. The charge for the physical exam is $50 cash or check made out to Hood College. Health Center will not file for insurance reimbursement, however the student will get a receipt and may file for insurance reimbursement independently.

Physical exam forms are required to be completed by all incoming traditional age undergraduate students. Offering physical exams at Health Center may be a good alternative for our international students, for students that are not insured and or those who choose not to get their physicals elsewhere.